Proposal Recruitment

Artemis HCM’s Proposal Recruitment Services: Your Path to Winning More Contracts

We understand that assembling skilled teams with agency specific experience, in a very timely manner is crucial for winning contracts. Our specialized Proposal Recruitment Services ensure you have the right key personnel to increase your win. Why Choose Artemis HCM’s Proposal Recruitment Services?

Government Contract Expertise: With our extensive industry experience, we grasp the urgency and intricacies of locating key personnel.

Streamlined Processes: We provide the talent so you can focus on crafting your solution.

Real Time Pricing Data: We give you real insight into current market rates.

Customized Approach: We scale our level of effort and approach by the project.

Proven Success: We provide the right key personnel, consistently helping our clients win more work

Our Process

Discovery: We meet with your team to understand the work, agency environment, your relationships, intelligence and estimated pwin.

Competitive Intelligence: We will take your information on the incumbent, competitors and any other information you have and proactively target incumbent personnel.

Candidate Identification: Our team leverages our extensive network and innovative sourcing techniques to identify candidates who possess the skills and experience required for your proposal.

Interviews and LOI/LOCs: We will coordinate interviews, negotiate compensation and facilitate the execution of letters of intent/commitment, if required by the government.

Post-submission: Artemis HCM will touch base with all candidates on a monthly basis to provide them with updates and get their status. If someone is no longer interested, we are able to proactively replace them to have some candidates ready upon award.

Award: Upon award, Artemis HCM will work with your human resources department to coordinate offers, background checks and start details for all candidates.

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Gain a competitive edge with our Proposal Recruitment Services. Assemble the right team for compelling proposals and contract success. Contact us today to enhance your proposal development process. Let’s collaborate for proposal success and project excellence.