Meet the Team

Nick Schutt: 

Founder and President


Nick Schutt is the driving force behind Artemis Human Capital Management, serving as President and Managing Member. With a career spanning over a decade in the realms of recruiting, business development, and leadership, Nick has established himself as a dynamic and results-oriented professional.

Artemis HCM: A Vision for Data Science and AI/ML Talent
Under Nick’s visionary leadership, Artemis HCM was established with a distinct mission: to provide unparalleled support to federal contractors and commercial enterprises seeking to acquire, manage, and optimize their workforce in the dynamic fields of data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). Nick’s unique vision transcends the traditional practice of matching job descriptions to candidates’ qualifications. Instead, he is deeply committed to aligning the core values and cultural nuances of organizations with individuals who possess the precise skills and expertise required in the data-driven world of AI and ML. This strategic approach consistently delivers staffing solutions that not only meet client demands but also foster exceptional talent retention rates, consistently surpassing expectations.

Leadership and Culture
Nick fosters a company culture that empowers team members to deliver top-notch staffing solutions. He has cultivated a dynamic company strategy capable of adapting swiftly to changing client and market demands.

A Record of Success
Nick draws upon nearly a decade of experience in corporate recruiting, government proposal staffing, sales, and management. His innate ability to understand personalities and decipher company cultures has consistently allowed him to recommend and place ideal candidates, provide exceptional customer service, and cultivate long-term client relationships.

Beyond Artemis HCM
Nick’s commitment to making a difference extends beyond Artemis HCM. He currently serves as the Chief Information Officer of Healing Mind Wellness, a testament to his dedication to holistic well-being. Additionally, as a Board Member of the Young Executives of the Tower Club, Nick contributes his insights and leadership to a diverse professional community.
Nick Schutt’s leadership at Artemis HCM reflects his commitment to excellence, innovation, and making a positive impact on both candidates and clients. His vision, expertise, and unwavering dedication drive Artemis HCM’s mission to provide unparalleled staffing solutions to organizations seeking to excel and succeed.

Kaylee Kohlhaas:

Director of Operations


As the Director of Operations, Kaylee is the driving force that ensures seamless ensures seamless back-end operations, empowering the team to focus on strategic goals.

A true testament to her unwavering commitment, Kaylee is an Army Veteran with a distinguished track record of over a decade in the fields of business, personnel, and task management. Her military background instilled in her the values of discipline, precision, and dedication, which she brings to every facet of her professional life.

Leveraging her keen eye for detail and organizational skills, Kaylee optimizes workflows and fosters a collaborative team environment. Her diverse skillset, encompassing personnel management and complex scenario navigation, ensures the organization adapts and achieves its objectives.

With Kaylee leading operations, you can be confident that projects are executed flawlessly and deadlines are met. Her unwavering commitment to excellence makes her an invaluable asset.