Teaming Opportunities with Artemis HCM

Why Team with Us?

At ArtemisHCM, we understand the nuances of government contracting and offer our reliable expertise to team on opportunities. Our expertise is not just in finding the right talent but also in fostering strong collaborations with government agencies.

Proposal Engagement: Leveraging deep domain expertise, we’re not just a staffing agency but a strategic partner in the proposal process. We work closely with our partners to identify key personnel, and aid in crafting compelling solutions from the outset.

Key Personnel: We communicate with all key personnel on a regular basis from submission to award notice, ensuring we keep submitted candidates apprised of the status, engaged and proactively locate replacements if any withdraw interest.

Risk Mitigation: We transcend traditional placement models and mitigating risks. We take the risk if a candidate doesn’t work out, we replace them without a placement fee, we operate under a subcontractor model and are dedicated to the project’s success.

Performance Assurance: Agility is key in project management. Should performance issues arise, we can quickly backfill or replace candidates to maintain project momentum.

Partnership Commitment: Our role extends beyond staffing — we are true partners vested in each project’s success. We commit to the long haul, from crafting proposals and winning bids through project delivery.

Network Leverage: Our extensive network is not just a pool of candidates but a web of opportunities. We leverage our connections to not only find the best fit for the project but also to explore new avenues for work and collaboration.

Explore teaming with Artemis HCM and transform potential into performance.

Our Clients Include: