Artemis HCM's Philosophy

At Artemis Human Capital Management, we help our clients find qualified staff whose personalities match their company cultures to ensure successful placements by following the 10-40-50 rule of hiring. According to that philosophy, choosing the best candidate for a job requires making a decision that’s based 10% on a person’s level/type of education and relevant certifications, 40% on a person’s ability to do the job, and 50% on the individual’s personality.

With the advent of websites like Monster and Career Builder, many recruiters have lost sight of the importance personality plays in staffing positions successfully. Recruiting has largely become a skills-matching game in which all-too-many headhunters focus more on data than on people. A recruiter gathers requirements about a job position, looks at resumes on various websites, find people who meet the minimum criteria, and send them on to the client to interview. The recruiting process all too often starts and ends there. The problem is that job candidates can look good on paper, but certified does not mean qualified!

Artemis Human Capital Management’s ultimate goal is to refocus the recruiting process on people. We understand that every client and position come with their own unique needs, and we know that there are thousands upon thousands of people who are technically qualified to perform the jobs our clients need filled. The thing is, it’s not about finding the first match; it’s about finding the right one. That’s why we listen closely to our clients’ spoken and unspoken requirements, work hard to find job candidates with the right education, skills and personalities for each position, and don’t stop until we’ve made successful matches that provide employees with fulfilling work and employers with staff that will help them grow their businesses. That’s the Artemis Human Capital difference.


Artemis Human Capital Management's Recruiting Process

Finding the perfect candidate for a job requires engaging in a rigorous recruiting process. At Artemis HCM, we start by gathering specific job requirements from our clients. We ask questions like, “Is this a client-facing position?”, “What skills are required to perform the job?” and “What do you need from an employee beyond specific skills?”. Our goal for each client interview is to outline the easily-identifiable requirements and work to draw out the intangible ones as well; this process helps us develop a comprehensive understanding of the best type of professional to fill a position.


Once we understand the hard skills and intangibles a client seeks in an employee, we start looking for 2 to 3 people who most closely match the client’s requirements. After each interview, we follow up with our client to see how close our “test balloons” came to matching the client’s needs and how well their personalities meshed. Learning what a client did and didn’t like about each test candidate and why helps us further refine our talent parameters and deliver progressively better matches until we find the ideal person for the job.


Although we don’t solicit resumes, we do maintain a database of highly-desirable job candidates — particularly for government contract work, since new contractors don’t always retain incumbent staff. Our talent database is a useful tool for identifying prospective permanent, temporary, temp-to-perm, and contract employees, but often the best candidates are those who aren’t even looking for work when we find them. Many recruiters won’t “waste” time scouring employed professionals’ LinkedIn profiles and online resumes, but at Artemis HCM, we believe in the value of mining. After all, that’s how you find gold!




Our Mission

Artemis Human Capital Management matches clients with qualified job candidates who fit their company cultures, because happy employees are productive employees.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the recruiting industry’s focus back on matching personalities with positions rather than just skills for the long-term success of our clients and recruits.

Our Promise to You

We’ll deliver high-caliber professional talent that meets your job requirements quickly using a recruiting process that facilitates company loyalty, supports profitability, and fits your budget.