Direct Placement

The Government Contractor Recruiting Subject Matter Experts

Artemis HCM understands the importance and the challenges government contractors face when sourcing and hiring the right talent. Our recruiting services provide a tailored solution, freeing you to focus on your core business while we handle recruiting. Why Choose Artemis HCM?

Industry Expertise: We have been working with government contractors for over a decade.

Track Record: We consistently locate the right individuals who possess the correct skillset and align with your customer’s needs.

Extensive Network: We have a network of screened talent at the executive level, management level and individual contributors, ensuring a fast turnaround on most positions.

Cleared Candidates: Our network features candidates cleared at and above Top Secret.

Customized Solutions: We use data to align our search with your objectives.

Streamlined Process: Your only responsibilities are to show up for interviews and make hiring decisions.

Our Process

Discovery: We engage in thorough discussions to understand your project goals, technical needs, and company culture to identify candidates who will thrive within your environment.

Candidate Identification: Our team leverages our extensive network and innovative sourcing techniques to identify candidates who possess the skills and experience required for your projects.

Offer and Next Steps: Once you identify the candidate you want to hire, Artemis HCM works with your Human Resources Department to ensure seamless negotiation, offer and onboarding process for all candidates.

Guarantee: Artemis HCM guarantees all placements for a period of time after their start.

Collaborative Decision-Making: We facilitate open communication between your team and the candidate, encouraging feedback and assessment from both sides.