Traditional vs Non Traditional Sourcing Methods

According to BLS, the number of data science positions will increase by over 30% over the next 8 years compared to an average growth per industry around 3%. This will further stretch an already strained labor market. Talent Acquisition organizations must evolve to be far more proactive and find new ways to locate talented individuals who are not actively looking for positions Here are some traditional and nontraditional methods ArtemisHCM uses to locate talent in such a tight market:


  • LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn is a giant in this space, there are over 1 billion professionals on this platform, which is a double-edged sword. Yes, there are a lot of qualified candidates; however, you need to be strategic and find ways to cut through the noise. Messaging and being hyper targeted always help but it is a numbers game.  
  • Job boards: Dice, Clearance Jobs, Indeed, Careerbuilder, Monster 
    • These job boards can be part of an overall talent acquisition strategy and can be great when you are volume recruiting for positions that have a low barrier to entry. The best site for govcon is clearance jobs because you can source by specific clearance level. There are also many people there who have no social media. 


  • Publishing sources such as Medium
    • There are kinds of people writing on Medium. You can gauge levels of expertise, and see what they are interested in. 
  • Reddit 
    • Step 1 find data/AI based subreddits
    • Step 3 hire employees 
  • Github/Hugging Face
    • These are websites where you can see what people are working on in their personal time. You can see what they are interested in, passionate about and begin conversations 

These are just some ways you can locate active and passive candidates. The best candidates are the ones who aren’t looking for a new job until you speak with them. With the talent gap continuing to widen, finding ways to attract and retain passive talent will make and break companies.