Increased Federal investment in AI

The federal government is increasingly leveraging AI to improve public services across various sectors, including defense, healthcare, transportation, the environment, and benefits delivery.  A majority of federal of agencies expect their AI investments to increase by 6% or more in the next fiscal year. 

Key trends:

  • Crowdsourced AI Models: Agencies are encouraged to leverage foundational AI models being crowdsourced by top universities and large tech companies. This approach allows agencies to avoid starting from scratch and instead scale the best models available.
  • Deep Learning Models: Transformer deep learning models, which learn context by tracking relationships in sequential data, are being used to produce increasingly sophisticated AI. These models can be trained with various types of data.
  • Predictive Maintenance: The Department of Defense is using AI for predictive maintenance, using reinforcement learning to anticipate equipment failures and proactively schedule maintenance.
  • Cybersecurity: AI is being used to identify insider threats and zero-day vulnerabilities faster than manual methods.
  • Ethical and privacy considerations: The federal government is also establishing strong guardrails to ensure its use of AI keeps people safe and doesn’t violate their rights.