Does your company have unidentified AI talent?

Have you surveyed your organization to map existing analytics talent or teams with an analytics orientation? Though analytics and AI are not the same, there are many overlapping baseline skills. Existing analytics knowledge can grow into AI knowledge.  Your organization’s existing talent may already be leveraging AI and ML skills. Others may work in technical roles or have skills that are not directly AI related, but could easily be supplemented to become AI skills.

To evaluate your existing talent’s AI skills, look for people who exhibit some of these qualities:

  • Support their decisions and arguments with data
  • Are comfortable with statistics and math
  • Make their own macros in Excel
  • Have used, expressed an interest in, or started to learn analytic programming.
  • Recognize that technology can make processes faster, easier, or more efficient.
  • Know the data your organization uses well
  • Follow the latest technology trends closely


For staff in the organization with AI skills, where do they sit, and who do they report to? Are they in IT, in one of the business functions, or part of the Office of the Chief Experience Officer (CXO)?