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What Our Clients and Candidates Are Saying About Artemis Human Capital Management

Cindra H

My experience being recruited by ArtemisHCM has been mind-blowing. They may bill themselves as recruiters, but they’re actually world-class detectives. Not only did they find me clear across the continent, but they dug down into my psyche and learned things about me (in a phone interview!) that even the best interviewers and recruiters I’ve worked with in the past never even knew to look for. I consider myself very fortunate to have been found and recruited by ArtemisHCM.

Laura Hill

I’ve worked with Artemis HCM frequently over the past 2+ years. They have an uncanny ability to read people and make successful matches, whether between businesses and professionals or even single friends. They are a very enthusiastic firm who takes their client’s success very seriously. If a government contractor needs to specify key personnel in a proposal with a looming deadline, ArtemisHCM finds ideal candidates in hours, and coordinates interviews.

Jaime Ramirez, Vice President

I consider ArtemisHCM a valued strategic partner in running my business. ArtemisHCM provides essential recruitment support when we need it most. They are always great about understanding our staffing requirements, providing an immediate plan to address the need, and finding us qualified
candidates in a timely manner. As well, ArtemsHCM’s understanding, candor and advice about various staffing scenarios is greatly appreciated!