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Tools like, Monster, Career Builder, and LinkedIn make it easier than ever to find people with the skills and experience you need, but they’ve also contributed to making a personality-matching industry into a skills-matching one. All too often, a client tells a recruiter what they need, the recruiter looks online for people who meet the minimum criteria, and then they send the resumes they’ve collected to the business owner to vet. The recruiting process often starts and ends there—but not at Artemis Human Capital Management.

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Our Job Placement Services

Direct Placement

Artemis Human Capital Management matches clients with qualified job candidates who fit their company cultures, because happy employees are productive employees.

Temporary or Temp-to-Permanent

Our vision is to bring the recruiting industry’s focus back on matching personalities with positions rather than just skills for the long-term success of our clients and recruits.

Government Proposal Staffing Solutions

We’ll deliver high-caliber professional talent that meets your job requirements quickly using a recruiting process that facilitates company loyalty, supports profitability, and fits your budget.